Charitable organizations

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Right To Play is one of YT Holmenkollstafetten collaborative charity partners.

Right To Play is an international organization that uses play as a tool to protect, educate and strengthen children in developing countries. They are present in 15 countries and make sure that 1.9 million children who grow up in poverty, fleeing or in a crisis gets play  includedin their everyday lives. Your team can support the organization by running with this year’s most important relay baton. The relay baton costs kr. 400, – and can be ordered by registration.

Right To Play works to create lasting changes for the most vulnerable children, so that they through play improves their living situation, fulfilled their rights and the opportunity to create their own future.

Right To Play was founded in 2000 as an extension of Olympic Aid and is today supported by over 20 athletes ambassadors like Aksel Lund Svindal, Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, Johannes Thingnes Bø and Karoline Bjerkli Grøvdal.

Kreftforeningen Logo

The Norwegian Cancer Society, in cooperation with BackeGruppen, has established a separate class for the construction industry, where companies in the building, construction and real estate can start side by side with their industry colleagues. If the team also wants to support the Norwegian Cancer Society, the entire team may run with armbands that show that they have contributed to the fight against cancer. To run for the Norwegian Cancer Society, sign up the team in class A1 / A2-B “The Construction Industry for Th Norwegian Cancer Society”. You will receive an email with information from the Norwegian Cancer Society, and an invoice of NOK. 3000, – per team you have signed up.


Lions Slemdal, in collaboration with several Oslo departments, helps Tjalve with the implementation of this year’s relay. Lions provides 100 volunteers, responsible for organizing, speaker service and guarding on the different exchanges.

Lions Norway has clubs located in all parts of the country and has approx. 10,500 members. Lions raise funds through various measures that help them to carry out significant humanitarian work, both locally, nationally and internationally. The operation of Lions Norway is financed through members’ subscriptions, so all funds collected therefore go to the work they are running. A “krone” in is a “krone” out!

Lions grants funds for a range of measures internationally, nationally and locally. Here are some of the measures: Attitude Campaign “Barn- og ungdomskampanjen Mitt Valg”, support for nursing homes, retirement homes, schools, kindergartens and organizations where public funds do not extend.