IK Tjalve


IK Tjalve was founded in 1890 and is the oldest track and field club in Norway.

IK Tjalve has organized the Holmenkollstafetten since 1923 with the exception of the war years 1940-1945, and 1937 and 1971 when the Bislett Stadium was undergoing reconstruction. The Holmenkollstafetten got its first name sponsor in 2013 and had the name YT Holmenkollstafetten from then until 2020. From 2021, NorgesGruppen has taken over as general sponsor, and in 2021, the Holmenkollstafetten will be called the ASKO Holmenkollstafetten. The participant record is from 2019 with 3493 registered teams.

In 2017 Holmenkollstafetten received a quality stamp and was certified by the Norwegian Athletics Association. The reason for the certification was, among other things, that the relay is organized on sports premises and values, and that profits return to sports.

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