Åpningsseremoni for Holmenkollstafetten 1946. Foto: Leif Ørnelund / Oslo Museum

Opening ceremony for Holmenkollen relay 1946. Photo: Leif Ørnelund / Oslo Museum.



IK Tjalve arranges Holmenkollen relay for the first time. 10 legs. From Bislett, to Besserud and back to Bislett. 10 teams participate. IK Tjalve wins.



Relay extended to 15 legs and the course – with some modifications – has been followed since. 39 teams participate. IK Tjalve takes their 4th victory



The relay is not held due to construction work at Bislett Stadium.



Relay not held due to WWII.



The course is somewhat changed on the request of the Traffic Police. The course now goes down to Skøyen, Drammensveien and up Niels Juellsgate. 158 teams participate. Orgryte takes their third win in a row – and also win the next four years.



IL i BUL, Oslo, copy Orgryte record with seven consecutive wins in the elite class.



Bislett is closed and the relay will not be arranged.



More than 200 teams complete the Holmenkollen relay.



Women are allowed to participate for the first time. IL Tyrving wins the first year and the next four. Business Class for men for the first time.



Business Class for women for the first time.



More than 1,000 teams finish the relay. BUL sets course record with 46.24.



The course has a minor change. The long leg goes from Holmendammen to Frognerparken. The course continues through the park, the Nobel Street., In Eckersberg Street., Up to Gyldenløvesgate and forward to the exchange in Colbjørnsen Gate. Gular wins the men’s elite class at 45.39. BFG Fana wins the women’s elite class at 55.11.



Oslo Politis IL wins business class for men on a new record: 49.57.



For the first time more than 2,000 teams finish the relay.



Relay biggest participation: 2289 teams, totaling 34,335 runners complete the relay.



Bayer Leverkusen wins elite men with a new course record, 45.14. In the elite class for women wins BUL on a new record, 54.51.



Mix classes for the first time.



Tjalve wins the women’s elite class for the first time. Approximately 42.700 teams with about 630,800 runners have now completed the Holmenkollen relay.



Bislett be demolished. The relay starts at St.Hanshaugen and admission Town Square. Holmenkollen relay organized for the first time on a Saturday.



Back at the new Bislett. For the first time an individual class.



For the first time a class of disabled. Relay arranged for 80. time.



The longest leg was slightly changed at Smestad. Relay overall length is now 18 425m starting at Bislett and 18 355m starting at St. Hanshaugen. More than 2,000 teams completed the relay. More than 50 000 teams with a total of more than 750,000 runners have now participated in Holmenkollen relay.



It set new participant record in the relay with more than 2,700 registered teams.



Relay gets new title sponsor and renames the YT Holmenkollen relay. It will be some small changes on 4th leg, while Stage 5 is brand new.


A new participant records were set with 3454 teams, of which 3291 teams completed.


Changes have been made on the 14th and 15th leg. The total length of the baton is now 18,610 meters, starting at Bislett and 18,450 meters starting at St. Hanshaugen.

YT Holmenkollstafetten has been certified as an approved race, and has received a quality stamp from the Norwegian Athletics Association.