IK Tjalve needs help to organize ASKO Holmenkollstafetten.

In order to arrange YT Holmenkollstafetten we are dependent on outside help. We need approx. 400-500 officials to cover all tasks in advance and during the event. To manage this we get help from volunteers and we hire volunteer help from other sports teams / organizations etc.


We encourage students, and others, who want event experience to volunteer. As a volunteer we will be able to give you challenging tasks that will provide good learning and valuable experience. It is also social and you make new contacts. If this sounds interesting you can go to frivillig.no and register as a volunteer.

Teams / organizations:

If your sports team / organization is interested in working a few hours on Saturday, May 08, 2021 to make some money, contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or phone: +47 22 60 43 40. We have a number of different tasks. Everything from kiosk personnel to traffic guards out on the course. We mainly seek adult responsible people who are committed, trustworthy and in a good mood.