Rules of representation, promotion and relegation


Rules of representation and the promotion and relegation in classes F1, F2, F6 and F7.

ASKO Holmenkollen relay is held in accordance with the Norwegian Athletics Federation regulations. In accordance with decision at NFIFs Congress in March 1999, it is permitted to run on 2 teams or more teams, if age regulations are followed. This means that it is permissible for active athletes to run for junior and senior team, as well as senior and veteran teams for the same club. It is also allowed for active athletes over 30 years old to run for both club, military department and company. Otherwise it is not permitted to run for more than one team in the same class (first team, second team etc.). NB! No participant can run more than one leg for the same team. Teams with participants of both genders can only start classes for both sexes (Cl. M1, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A6). Boys and girls born 2005 and later can not participate on teams in YT Holmenkollen relay 2019 et seq. NFIFs age regulations. In both junior classes (Cl. F3 and F8) teams can in 2019 also use runners born in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Violation of the age regulations will result in disqualification.

The organizer refers to the Norwegian Athletics Association Act § 20, 21 and 22 which regulates representation transfers from one club to another. Transfers requiring exemption (f. Ex. When moving), must be approved by the Norwegian Athletics Federation. Pay special attention to the limited access of foreign nationals to run for Norwegian teams in relays. These transfer and representation regulations only apply to teams in classes that require membership in the Norwegian Athletics Federation.

Due to safety considerations, it is not allowed to run with a stroller.

Promotion and relegation from class F1 Men Elite and F6 Women Elite in 2019:

In 2019 the elite class will consist of the 16 best teams from the elite class in 2018, and the two best teams from the senior class.

The teams at 17th-20th. place in F1 Men Elite in 2018 relegated to F2 Men Senior. The teams in 17th and 18th place in F6 Women Elite in 2018 relegated to F7 Women Senior.

There is a deadline for Friday 3 May to sign up for the elite class. If the elite class does not consist of 18 teams, the team or teams from the elite or seniors class the previous year, who are not qualified in the normal way, will be offered space until the elite class consists of 18 teams. The teams will be invited based on the time achieved in the previous year, so that the team with the fastest time will be offered a place first, then the team with the second fastest time etc.

The organizer reserves the right to assess the placement of teams that did not start last year’s relay.